YO! We Need a Mobile Product Manager in Maple Ridge, BC

YO! We have an opportunity to change the way the world connects and are seeking a Mobile Product Manager to accompany us along this audacious journey.
Established in 2010 and located in the heart of Maple Ridge, Left of the Dot Media turns million dollar domain names into multi-million dollar businesses. This includes the evolving web properties of RentalHomes.comChristmas.comHomeowners.comRenters.comOahu.com and many more. It is one of these ‘many more‘ that you will be most involved in.
If you are the right candidate, you dream big. You want to change the world, and you believe technology is the great enabler. In fact, when we tell you that there are more than 7.2 billion people in the world, but by the end of this year, there will be more mobile phones than people — you are not surprised at all by this statistic. Just the opposite: a grin comes across your face and you think, “Just think of the possibilities!”
You see, we are building a new product and brand that has a BHAG that requires someone capable of dreaming big. Our mission is to connect every person on the planet, whether they are connected to the Internet or off the grid entirely. Yep. Every single one of them.
We expect to launch this new brand later in 2014 and need a Mobile Product Manager who has experience in launching large-scale, consumer-centric mobile applications. Ideally, you have a unique blend of technical and business savvy and can communicate equally with technologists and the world at large. You should have familiarity with both Android and iOS (and even Windows Phone). You do not have to program or design the app, but the ability to wireframe and communicate requirements will be required, especially as you will be responsible for ensuring that the finished product is done to spec (which you will help create).
Our office is waaaay out here in Maple Ridge. The way we see things…  Maple Ridge is a growing, vibrant community filled with talented people who are sick and tired of wasting 500+ hours on the West Coast Express every year. When we located our company out here more than 1 year ago  2 years ago 3 years ago (holy $h!t, time flies when you are having fun), it was because we were finally fed up and realized that we could create something awesome right here in our own backyard.


  • You must be a risk taker who has a passion for entrepreneurism
  • You realize that failure is an option, because failure means that you have started
  • Maybe you have worked in an agency managing mobile projects, or maybe you worked internally for the mobile initiative of a larger company, but in any role, you had wished to be part of a smaller team where you would have a direct impact on the business as a whole
  • You must be a self-starter and be able to manage yourself and your projects
  • You can self-learn as things change; and quickly, because learning is something that you have to do daily
  • You should be up-to-date on your Internet memes (that way you know if we are laughing at you or with you). Bonus points if you have earned a whack of karma on reddit.
  • You should want to build something really cool, so that in a couple of years we all say, “Wow! Look what we’ve built together”
  • It is OK to be an Apple fanboy, but realize that more than half the world, especially in developing markets, will never convert to iOS
  • You must want to work in a startup
  • You must believe in the mantra of “Work hard, play hard.”
  • You must be able to laugh at yourself and roll with the punches
  • You must tolerate animals (On any given day, we may have a dog in the office. Or sometimes a cat. Though never together. That day was not a good one).
  • You don’t have to be good at Darts or Foosball, but you should be willing to learn or you will constantly lose and be the one doing the coffee run to Waves on 207th
Essential Skills

  • 5+  years of software marketing/product management experience is required
  • Mobile industry experience a must as is experience with both Android and iOS.
  • Experience with or knowledge of large scale web applications technologies
  • You must have launched mobile apps onto Google Play and Apple App Store (and thus know all the ‘gotchas’ along the way)
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent College + Life Experience
  • Computer Science, Engineering degree, or work experience is a strong plus.
  • Proven experience defining specs, creating wireframes/mock-ups, and shipping high quality products.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
 Useful Things

  • PMI Certification is an asset.
  • Knowledge/curiosity of Lean Startup and Lean application development methodologies
  • You consider yourself a thought leader and demonstrate this via blogging, networking at industry events, or speaking at conferences (or at least a willingness to try)
  • Knowledge (and willingness to accept) that sometimes it requires we work around the clock — not because someone is poking you with a sharp stick, but because you want to and we need to
  • Knowledge that you don’t know everything and that we don’t know everything, but if we put our heads together, we can probably figure it out at least as well as anyone else.
About the Job                         

So what will you be doing?

  • Gather, define, and document functional requirements for our mobile applications.
  • Work closely with our domestic and offshore development/engineering teams to define product features while making sure the product meets specs.
  • Define intuitive and easy-to-use user interfaces and flows as wire frames or mock-ups.
  • Build products from existing ideas, while helping to develop new ideas based on your industry experience and your contact with customers and partners.
  • You will work with our marketing, design, & content teams to define the go-to-market strategy, helping them understand the product positioning, key benefits, and target customer.
  • You will also serve as the internal and external evangelist for our YO! brand, occasionally working on other mobile initiatives when and as required
  • Measure and Optimize. Monitor and track key metrics, plan and execute iterative tests post-launch to optimize the impact, user experience and business goals of specific features or areas of the site.
  • Identify New Product Opportunities. Keep the pulse of our target audience, understand what motivates and drives online usage.
  • Solicit input and requirements across the organization and externally, as well as stay ahead of new technologies, features and sites introduced by competitors
Compensation & Next Steps

  • While your salary will be competitive and based on your experience, we believe that as we build this out together, we can all share in the upside and increase compensation as revenues increase for the brands you are involved in.
  • If you are interested in working on a world-class network of premium web businesses, then please send us a recent resume (online link is fine) along with your salary expectations to careers@leftofthedot.com. No phone calls or unexpected visits please because we have developers here and they are easily startled.
  • Thanks in advance for considering us, and while we thank all those who apply, only those who are being considered may be contacted.
Left of the Dot is a small, but growing company. Fit and a willingness to learn is more important than experience. But because we are small, we apologize in advance if we can’t respond to everyone.

Learn more about us at www.LeftOfTheDot.com