YO! Let's Connect.

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A Whole New Way to Share and Connect.

For those that follow our Facebook page, you will have seen that we have been busy lately with our latest brand, Yo.com.
YO! is a platform that connects mobile users at high speeds without the Internet and without consuming any data bandwidth, and because it is free, it saves a lot of money for all those who rely on pre-paid or monthly phone data plans.
YO! users can chat, talk, and share large files and content along the network’s edge, saving billions in infrastructure costs for carriers, preserving battery life for users, and transferring data at speeds that are 1000x faster than what is common today. But perhaps most importantly, YO! lets you connect and share with those who are most relevant to you: your friends, family, classmates and co-workers … wherever you go and whenever you want.
We have been documenting the entire journey over on the Yo.com Blog and would encourage you to read more posts over there.
Occasionally, we will cross market the important posts here as well to keep Left of the Dot blog readers aware of what we are up to. But for now… YO!

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