Who We Are


We want travel to make the world a better place for everyone, and that includes for our partners!

Who We Are


We want travel to make the world a better place for everyone, and that includes for our partners!

Online Travel Sellers

Through Left Travel, we are honoured to work with some of the largest Online Travel Sellers in the world.  They love working with us because we help them:

  • sell perishable inventory
  • increase long-term market share
  • attract new travelers into their sales funnels

With our One Degree program, we also offer Online Travel Sellers the opportunity to:

  • demonstrate their commitment to responsible travel
  • revenue share 50% of the registration fee of the properties they refer for a Sustainable Impact Score

Are you an Online Travel Seller?  Submit the form to discover how we can partner to make a global impact and increase your profits.

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Property Owners, Property Managers, Hotels and Resorts

We partner directly with property owners, property managers, hotels, and resorts to provide Sustainable Impact Scores that show the world they are doing their part to make travel good for us all – including for our planet.

Besides the opportunity to increase the sustainability of worldwide travel, our direct partners benefit from:

  • boosted SEO and visibility
  • higher intent traffic
  • more bookings
  • fewer cancellations
  • lower operating costs

Are you interested in getting a Sustainable Impact Score for your property?  Submit the form to find out how.

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Companies and Corporate Travel Providers

Companies need to travel. From trade shows and conferences to business meetings, there’s no way around going somewhere, sometime.  Our corporate partners are able to do their part to help make the necessity of travel and little bit less harmful to our world.

Our Corporate Partners benefit from:

  • demonstrating they care about the impact of travel on our world
  • reducing the negative impact of of their travelers

Are you interested in making travel better for the world by joining our Corporate Program? Submit the form to find out how.

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