Nicole Ciomek


I'm making my mark by...

My hopes to change the world are by reaching young people through coaching track and field. While I enjoy teaching them about how to run and excel in their sport, I’m more interested in connecting with them, building them up as people, teaching them what they are capable of, helping them to understand their value and worth and helping them to grow. So many young people don’t have great support systems or people who believe in them. I want to be that for as many of them as I can. I can already see the positive impacts I’ve had and it motivates me to do more. In life, we are all looking for human connection. The sooner we can connect with others, the better chance of having them a happy and successful life. Self employment has given me the opportunity to have a schedule where I can coach track and build these relationships that are not only valuable to them, but to me as well.

Words Of Wisdom

Don’t stop believing!