Marketing Coordinator Wanted in Maple Ridge, BC

JOB TITLE:  Marketing Coordinator or Awesome Title TBD
CITY:  Maple Ridge, BC
JOB CATEGORY:  Marketing & Business Operations

Marketing Coordinator or Awesome Title TBD

Wanted:  Someone who will grow with (or outgrow) us over the next few years.
Established in 2010 and located in the heart of Maple Ridge, Left of the Dot Media turns million dollar domain names into multi-million dollar businesses. This includes the evolving web properties of,,,, and many more.
Our office is waaaay out here in Maple Ridge. The way we see things…  Maple Ridge is a growing, vibrant community filled with talented people who are sick and tired of wasting 500+ hours on the West Coast Express every year. When we located our company out here more than 2 years ago it was because we were finally fed up and realized that we could create something awesome right here in our own backyard.
If you are the right candidate, you will have 1-3 years of relevant experience and have already <s>enjoyed</sarcasm> those 5:30 AM wakeup calls and the enduring perils of crawling along the Mary Hill bypass in the dead of a dark winter morning. With us, you can actually have some work/life balance, you can learn and grow with a new company, and you can share in our success as new opportunities emerge and new projects are tackled.
If you are wanting a JOB, look elsewhere. If you want to jumpstart a CAREER, you owe it to yourself to explore the opportunity. We say jumpstart your career because within 2 years you will have learned more than enough with us to move any mountain you so choose. We don’t want you in the same position within 2 years: we want you to grow with us into a new role or we can help you find a position that is keeping pace with your onwards and upwards career trajectory. Sound intriguing? Keep on reading.

About you…


  • You must be a risk taker who has a passion for entrepreneurism … maybe you even want to run your own Internet startup one day.
  • You must be a self starter and able to manage yourself and your projects
  • You can self-learn as we are more apt to say, “You’ve got brains and can figure it out…” rather than, “We know everything. Wait for us to show you exactly how to do it.” Our theory is that if you wait around for us to teach you, we won’t be moving fast enough for you (though we are always willing to give an opinion and advice).
  • You should be up-to-date on your Internet memes (that way you know if we are laughing at you or with you). Bonus points if you have earned a whack of karma on reddit.
  • You should be someone who wants to build something really cool, only to emerge in a couple of years and say, “Wow! Look what we’ve built together”
  • You must want to work in a startup
  • You must believe in the mantra of “Work hard, play hard.”
  • You are not satisfied with “It’s OK I guess”, but understand that sometimes you just got to “Fish or cut bait”
  • You must be able to laugh at yourself and roll with the punches
  • You must tolerate animals (On any given day we will have 0, 1, or 2 dogs in the office. We also used to foster 2 grumpy cats though they have moved on)
  • You don’t have to be good at Darts or Foosball, but you should be willing to learn

Essential Skills

  • 1 to 3 years of marketing, business management, or applicable sales/support experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent College + Life Experience . The BCIT program for business and entpreneurism would be a great asset:
  • Good understanding of the Internet and what makes a good user experience
  • Solid technical understanding: not as a programmer, but is someone who is comfortable enough to know not to infect yourself with spyware and can work in MS Word, MS Excel, and jump in and add content to a blog if asked (bonus points if you have built and maintained a website recently)
  • Able to learn things quickly that you were not taught in school
  • Really good communicator in both written and spoken English. On some days, you will be writing content for one of our blogs, and other days you may be on the phone with a supplier, partner, or customer.

Useful Things

  • Knowledge/curiosity of web marketing, SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing, re-marketing, and lead generation
  • Knowledge/curiosity of website analytics (Google Analytics, CrazyEgg, Woopra, or similar)
  • Knowledge/curiosity of A/B or multivariate testing
  • Knowledge/curiosity on the trends in social media and have set up or managed corporate accounts for a business or non-profit
  • Knowledge/curiosity in the hospitality and tourism vertical as several of our upcoming businesses will be in this market
  • Experience and patience for customer support without being overly sarcastic (a little bit is fine)
  • Experience with market research and business planning
  • Knowledge (and willingness) that sometimes it requires we work around the clock — not because someone is poking you with a sharp stick, but because you want to and you realize that in 5 years you don’t want to be bored with the same job, but have advanced on merit and talent.
  • Knowledge that you don’t know everything and that we don’t know everything, but if we put our heads together, we can probably figure it out.

About the Job                         
So what will you be doing? I’ve delayed writing this section to the end of the listing as that is kind of hard to articulate. I know what you would have been doing yesterday (uploading content to in advance of a re-launch coming later this month); I know what you would have been doing today (writing scripts, procuring voice recordings, and setting up the voicemail tree for the in-bound telesales line attached to; and I know what you would be working on tomorrow (building re-marketing campaigns and matching creative for our business) … but I don’t know what you will be doing the day after tomorrow.
You see, we operate multiple web brands concurrently, and you will be a Jack/Jill-of-all-trades as these brands evolve. Some tasks that may require your assistance over the coming month:

  • Answering in-bound phone inquiries on selling a 15’ Christmas Tree to a small town in the US Mid-west for
  • Editing and posting articles by our freelance writers on our blog
  • Posting via our social media accounts, “5 unique rental properties in Belize”
  • Working with our graphic design team on ad copy for banner advertising touting the benefits of home insurance
  • Writing an “About Us” section for a yet-to-be launched online dating website
  • Generating a string of auto-responder emails that are triggered when a client performs a certain action
  • Answering the phone when it rings, taking out the garbage, washing the dishes, picking up coffee for the team – hey it is not just you, we all chip in and do things.

Compensation & Next Steps

  • While your salary will be competitive and based on your experience, we believe that as we build this out together, we can all share in the upside and increase compensation as revenues increase for the brands you are involved in.
  • Your job is to evolve your skills, and make a difference so that headhunters start calling you. Our job is to make the environment , job, and career advancement opportunities rewarding enough that you never want to leave
  • If you are on EI and FutureWorks eligible, then this may be a perfect fit. Same goes for being pre-screened for BC’s GetYouthWorking Program
  • If you are interested in charting out into the unknown, then please send us a recent resume (online link is fine) along with your salary expectations to No phone calls or unexpected visits please. First person to send in a Vine (6 seconds) or Instagram video (15 seconds) encapsulating their personality will be given bonus points.
  • Thanks in advance for considering us, and while we thank all those who apply, only those who are being considered may be contacted.

Left of the Dot is a small, but growing company. Fit and a willingness to learn is more important than experience. But because we are small, we apologize in advance if we can’t respond to everyone.
Learn more about us at
[Editor’s note: … our website is out of date. Maybe you can help us fix that too?).
[Editor’s note about the Editor’s note above:  I wrote the last Editor’s note when we advertised a different job five months ago and we still haven’t changed the website content.  Please apply quickly as your talents and enthusiasm are required yesterday.]