Legendary Lefties: January 2018

Us Lefties live and breathe our 10 core values that have guided the business and its culture from the very beginning. They are the foundation of our Left and RightMesh teams and we are proud to incorporate them into everything we do. These values are the same in all our offices and unite us as an organization.
The Legendary Lefty program was put in place as a way for Lefties to nominate their peers when they see them demonstrating our core values. Every month at each of our offices, one ‘Legendary Lefty’ is chosen from our wall of peer nominations! They win the following coveted prizes:

  • The Legendary Lefty Parking Spot
  • Spinning the Wheel of Death Destiny
  • Legendary Lefty Trophy
  • Light-Saber for a Month

This month we are proud to recognize Aldrin from our Maple Ridge office and Borhan from our Bangladesh office who have both gone above and beyond!
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