Left of the Dot at Community Job Fair

On Thursday, Left of the Dot did a little community outreach and participated in a local Maple Ridge job fair focused on the youth of the community. While most of the audience may not have been appropriate to hire within our company today, hopefully some of the youth (e.g., those in University or recent high school grads) get some exposure to the changing landscape of the local economy and emerging opportunities that will be available to them.
However, it should be noted that aside from a handful of the 200+ attendees, the youth today are not prepared for the professionalism that the “real world” requires. While our office environment is quite casual, the attire of most of the youth at the event was disdainful: from shorts and flipflops, to baggy jeans with their pants only half-covering their ___. Resumes (if they had more than one to hand out) were frequently wrinkled, covered in coffee stains, and poorly written.
Note to youth: if you are out applying for jobs… whether for an internship at a high tech company, or for a local clothing store, you should look like you care… just a little bit.

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