John Marcel Lyotier


I'm making my mark by...

My wife and I worked hard to provide for and raise two wonderfully accomplished, contributing, and well adjusted human beings who are now in the process doing the same thing.  We loved our children and they also saw that we loved each other.  Simply, we tried to model behavior that we thought was important – some times we were successful and others – not so much.  But we had fun and mostly did so as a family. We were graced by the good fortune of a wonderful birthplace being Canada.fty!

Words Of Wisdom

I am a fisherman, some would say an angler.  Notice that it is called “fishing” –  it is not called “catching”.  I define fishing as “endless opportunities for hope” and that makes for a pretty optimistic outlook and good words to live by.  It also helps an awful lot if you can stay focused <grin>.  Dad

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