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I think I’ve said this before to some people, but a concept that I personally subscribe to is “make tiny changes to Earth.” Sure, this may sound like it’s in contrast to the Left idea of imagining the impossible and dreaming big, but to me, it’s not. I personally recognize this as an actionable plan to get me to these larger dreams, and through the impossibilities. It’s partly knowing each day that the small things I do and the choices that I make have a direct impact on the world around me. It’s also recognizing that all of these small things eventually add up to something greater. It’s what keeps me grounded, and feels realistically accomplishable when there is a big old world out there to try to change.
I guess this is my way of playing the long game, living by the golden rule, or just trying to do the right thing. However you call it, these are the best words I’ve found so far .. and P.S. for the sake of copyright, these aren’t my words – they’re from this song, “Heads Roll Off” by Frightened Rabbit (don’t judge from the title, if you listen to it, it’s kinda like an atheists anthem of sorts).

Words Of Wisdom

Really? After all that writing, and I’ve got nothing here. Maybe something simple like “‘Have fun out there.”

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