Guillermo Mendoza


I'm making my mark by...

I am making my mark by helping others to organize and remove any barriers they have at work and at the same time through our work, I am convinced we are connecting people and helping them to enjoy the journey. In my community, impacting lives through my actions, like being a volunteer to help children to learn essential skills like the basics of swimming or watering the school garden where my daughter is enrolled and while they are on summer break. With my family, I tend to think that I am contributing to reach a bigger goal than me, I am contributing to the future of this world educating my children, not only telling them what they suppose to do but by trying things before than them. If I tell my children, you should to take Judo classes, for sure I am going to experience before to tell them, you should to try.

Words Of Wisdom

Think and do, no the other way around, but do not overthink because that not leads you to over do. Plan, test and execute, if you plan correctly and everything goes well learn from it and keep it as experience, if you fail, learn as well and keep planning, testing and executing until you reach your goal.

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