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Right now I’m working as the Project Manager for the Looking Glass Foundation. We’re a foundation dedicated to helping support those with eating disorders, and their loved ones. Personally, my work with Left (Formerly Left of the Dot) has directly impacted where I am today…. At Left, I learnt what it meant to work at a very lean start-up, where there wasn’t always someone around to teach you step-by-step. I also gained several key skills, including working with WordPress websites, and a lot of experience using CRMs. Both of which were exact skills that Looking Glass was looking for when they first hired me. Now, I manage all of Looking Glass’s online programs, still handle all website development (some contracted, a lot personally), oversee our various constituent databases, and have a steady eye on our program and organizational metrics and performance. Without government funding, it can often be hard for us to find all the resources we require to provide our various support programs, summer camp, scholarships, and more – but we’re continuing to do our best to take one step closer to a world without eating disorders.

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If you take over a website business, do several different reviews/checks on the mailing list before contacting!

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