COVID-19 Update: At Left, it’s all about Community

At Left, ‘Impact your Community’ is one of our core values. During this time of constantly evolving news and recommendations regarding COVID-9 coronavirus, we are still putting Community first – and that includes our Community of Lefties and their families.

Our priority as a company is to be proactive in our response to the virus, to help contain it, and to ensure we are doing the ‘right’ thing for our Lefties, their families, our Communities, and the world-at-large.  As such, we are strictly following all recommendations put forward by our provincial and local health authorities as well as supplementing those with other proactive policies and requirements. Our goal is to do our part to flatten the pandemic curve.

“We intend to be part of the solution, not part of the cause,” says John Lyotier, CEO.  “We owe it to our Community to take all proactive measures we can as a business to contribute to minimizing the virus’ rate of transmission and spread and to reduce the strain on our healthcare system.”

We are a tech company with a flexible work-from-home philosophy already in place, and we are fortunate to be able to extend this policy to support wide-spread and longer-term remote work for our Lefties.  In addition to the work-from-home option, we are encouraging Lefties to continue practicing the recommended Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) guidelines for staying healthy and for reporting if they do exhibit symptoms.

Further, we have implemented the following policies:

  • self-quarantine for all employees who have traveled internationally
  • local business travel for ‘critical’ business only
  • office visitors for ‘critical’ business only

This global health pandemic is evolving at a rapid pace; as such, our Leadership team and Employee Experience team are closely monitoring the situation and are ready to quickly pivot as needed to reduce transmission and harm.

“While we know some measures may feel like an inconvenience to some, we are committed to doing the ‘right’ thing by putting our Community first while retaining our focus and continuing to do great work,” says Lyotier.

For more information about COVID-19 please visit:

John Lyotier