Story Profiles


Simon Jones

Simon JonesLefty I'm making my mark by...By helping a great team work on something that could make a difference to many people. Words Of Wisdom“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but…


Sri Kirsh

Sri KirshLefty I'm making my mark by...By being a problem solver. Words Of WisdomHaving a purpose adds clarity to your journey.


Laura Lefurgey-Smith

Laura Lefurgey-SmithLefty I'm making my mark by...By making an impact in the world by the work that I do at Left and outside, and inspiring others around me to create impact and positive change.…


Ben Hughes

Ben HughesLefty I'm making my mark by...Trying to leave the things I interact with in a better state than how I found them, while exploring all I can and learning as much as possible. I’m…


David Wang

David WangLefty I'm making my mark by...I am devoting myself to connect next 4 Billion people by RightMesh Project with blockchain technology and token economy. I am proud that I am in the task…


Jose Ortega

Jose OrtegaLefty I'm making my mark by...I am making my mark by trying every day to be a better father, husband and son. I totally believe that the family is the nucleus of civilization and that in…


Lindsey Matthews

Lindsey MatthewsLefty I'm making my mark by...By supporting and encouraging those around me to get involved in their communities and practice random acts of kindness whenever the opportunity…


Ryan Kirkbride

Ryan KirkbrideLefty I'm making my mark by...By making it easier for people to take the vacation they are looking forward to. Spending quality time with the people you love is very important, so…


Ashley Joslin

Ashley JoslinLefty I'm making my mark by...Raising amazing human beings and teaching them through my actions what it means to have drive, passion, creativity, a great sense of humour and commitment…


Andrea Ainslie

Andrea AinslieLefty I'm making my mark by...By mentoring others by sharing my product management knowledge and leadership experience with others in our community. Life is about learning and sharing…