Alex Tomin

Climate Action

Without immediate actions to reduce greenhouse gas, our environmental impact is getting worse. Climate change could lead to catastrophic results.

Life Below Water

Oceans are polluted with plastic. Without taking any actions at current pollution rate, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050.

Melissa Baena

Reduced Inequalities

There is a growing divide around the globe that is becoming further distinguishable due to the diverse range of resource availability and affordability. This access to online freedom and internet access which is a human right and can lead one to increased socioeconomic opportunity

Clean Water and Sanitation

I believe if people had a source of clean and sanitary water, we could not only reduce diseases and death, but give the gift of time to those who are currently spending hours fetching water. With this, children and women especially, can attend school or search for new opportunities to enhance their quality of living

Saju Abraham

Good Health and Well-Being

I believe that good health and well being is the foundation for a sustainable world. Mental challenges account for 47% of disability in life (depression, psychiatric conditions, alcohol and drug abuse, etc), however addressing mental ailments account only for a small part of the health budget of developed nations, let alone developing nations.

Quality Education

I am passionate about ensure inclusive, equitable education and lifelong learning opportunities for all. By doing so, our future generations will be more equipped to handle the challenges of tomorrow. Advancement of mobile technology has allowed several organizations to work on solutions to bring quality education to the underserved - and at scale - and I’d love to find a way to support those organizations

Caryl Longden

Clean Water and Sanitation

As above, but also my father was an inventor of a patented water purification system that purified water to the level that it could be drunk again. Unfortunately, the funding got pulled so it never went to market.

Zero Hunger

A basic need and right for all.

John Lyotier

Quality Education

Everything starts with education. Deloitte reported that a connected world would provide educational opportunities to 650m youth. If we can provide educational opportunities for all, this changes how the world functions and creates a base on which to build a better society.

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Franklin Roosevelt once said, “Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us.” In other words, government & global institutions are accountable to the people and not the other way around. However, we all have the opportunity to ensure that everyone has this right and can live in a world they have freedom of thought and expression.

Irina Sadrina

Climate Action video shows more than I can tell.

Affordable and Clean Energy

The more fossil fuels we use the less is remaining. It makes a huge impact on Nature and people in general, so it is better to leave a small impact or no impact at all. Solar panels, wind energy, electric cars – we all have this, so let's make it affordable to everyone.

Ryan Kirkbride

Life Below Water

As a recreational diver, life below water amazes and fascinates me. It is very obvious under water when the health of an area is deteriorating due to human behavior. If humans can keep our oceans living sustainably, everyone benefits.

Responsible Consumption and Production

No matter what race/religion/creed you are, climate unites us all. As this affects everybody, the sustainability of the climate will result in the future of existence. What could be more important?

Tracy McDonald

Quality Education

I think that education is an incredibly powerful tool that can elevate individuals and communities.

Zero Hunger

It breaks my heart to think that people in our world do not have access to food and regular meals. Particularly, to think of the many children who are not able to grow and live healthy lives due to lack of food is tragic.

Brent Johnson

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Living in an urban area, it's very clear that urban communities consume far more than they should and pollute far more than they should. To lower consumption and pollution, the largest impact will be on urban areas.

Affordable and Clean Energy

We're spoiled living on the west coast of Canada having most of our energy come from renewable resources, but this isn't a luxury other cities have. I'm really interested in how we can use solar and how energy storage is advancing.

Diana Moric

Clean Water and Sanitation

Clean Water & Sanitation will help reduce disease and malnutrition and maintain a sustainable environment.

Quality Education

Quality Education will give people the foundation to improve their quality of life as well as others in their community. It will also give them the skills to help solve other problems.