Aldrin D'Souza


I'm making my mark by...

Bringing Left’s vision to reality. A vision of connecting the next billions. The Internet that connects us today, is still a privilege for people belonging to under developing and developing countries. Transitioning a magnificent vision, from an idea to a product is challenging and this what I do at Left; and I enjoy doing it. Constructing a product that impacts billions of people to stay connected, and a product that is accessible to all.

Words Of Wisdom

At some point in your life you will lose; you will fail; accept it. You will embarrass your self and suck at something. Embrace it, it’s inevitable . Here is the thing: never quit, never fall back keeping trying…keep moving forward. There is an saying “If you hang around a barber shop long enough….sooner or later you are gonna to get a haircut”. You will catch your break; you will be successful. The point here is everyone has the talent to succeed, but you should have the guts to fail, If you don’t fail you are not even trying.

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