Our Values.

The very essence of Left is reflected in our 10 Core Values which were created right from the beginning and have become the foundation for the amazing culture and talented team of Lefties we have built today.

Our Legendary Lefty program was put in place as a way for Lefties to nominate their peers whenever they feel they have demonstrated or lived one of our core values. Every month, one “Legendary Lefty” is chosen from our wall of peer nominations and is recognized with a treat from our prize wheel, a VIP parking spot, and the sought after Star Wars lightsaber for the month. This is a very prestigious recognition amongst the team, and from the commendations we receive it is clear that our Lefties truly believe in the company’s core values.

Read below to see the values and see what they mean to our Lefties.


Be Incredible

Operations Manager, Khulna
“People naturally stop at their limit without realizing the potential they have to go so much farther. At Left we are encouraged to step outside of our comfort zone and make things happen. It’s amazing to see the incredible things you can do when you consistently push your own boundaries.”


Keep Score

Marketing Coordinator, Maple Ridge
“It seems like an obvious thing in a business that making money is important, but it’s nice to be reminded and motivated that everything I do affects the bottom line. It feels good to be rewarded and recognized when we’re making money. It’s not the most important thing, but at the end of the day it’s why we’re all here, and it’s refreshing to have that transparency.”


Take Responsibility

Development Manager, Khulna
“We are empowered to take action and make things happen and take ownership for the things that we do, but also for the things that we cannot do.”


Think Different

Chief Product Officer, Maple Ridge
“This value is deeply interwoven in our everyday culture, right from where we are located (away from the tech hub of downtown Vancouver) to the products we build. And it’s not just because we like to be different, but more importantly, we believe that challenging the status quo is the path towards newer and better ways of living.”


Little Things Matter

Employee Experience Coordinator, Maple Ridge
“Being encouraged to think differently really opens up the possibilities and the fun thinking that you can be part of a lasting change. With that being said, it’s important to recognize and acknowledge the little successes that go on every day. For that we have our Legendary Lefties which is a great way to express gratitude for the little things that create great success.”


Impact Your Community

Marketing Manager for Latin America, Maple Ridge
“We have done some really awesome things as a team. It makes it easy to get involved in the community when you are presented with volunteer opportunities and encouraged to take time to give back. Events like our BBQ fundraiser for A Boy Named Nicholas support a great cause, and are a fun way to spend time with my family and co-workers.”


Imagining The Impossible

Technology Manager, Khulna
“One of the most important things in life is to dream big. Your imagination has the power to achieve incredible things.”


Family is Important

Search Marketing Manager, Maple Ridge
“This truly means so much to me. Everyone here is part of multiple families. From our work family to our friend family, and especially our immediate family, we are given the flexibility to adjust as needed to create balance in our daily lives, with the respect and trust that we are still committed to our jobs.”


Make Your Mark

Financial Operations Manager, Maple Ridge
“When I think about making my mark, I think of the amazing opportunity I have to be part of a company that is creating things that will change the world, such as YO!.”


Failure Is An Option

Product Manager, Maple Ridge
“Having the allowance to fail which could lead to something incredible, really stands out. Failure, be incredible and imagine the impossible go hand in hand and that freedom is motivating.”