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“While you can never predict your outcomes, if you strive to make a positive difference, you can make a mark and change the world positively. You never know when you’ll have an impact, so try everyday.”

These words, penned by our Co-Founders, John Lyotier and Chris Jensen, when Left was just an idea and had not yet become a business, have proven to guide us in all we do. “Make Your Mark” was the first core value of the company, and we have not wavered in our pursuit to make the world a better place.


people say business can be a force for good


UN Sustainable Development Goals


Learning what others are doing to make the world a better place inspires us – and others – to make an effort, too. That’s why we collect and publish stories of Canadians and Canadian companies doing good. We aim to inspire individuals and organizations here in Canada, and around the world, to do the right thing.  Our Canada For Good website also offers resources to support doing good and ideas about ways you can help, too.


Imagine a world with no poverty and no hunger – a world where every child has access to education, all people enjoy peace, and prosperity is an achievable goal for everyone. The UN Sustainable Development Goals is an urgent, global call to action that provides a blueprint for creating these results and others that will improve the lives of everyone, everywhere – and protect our planet, too.

The UN SDGs guide Left in everything we do, and not just in business.  We have baked the pursuit of these goals into our corporate culture, and our Lefties themselves embed the goals into their everyday lives.

Find out what the UN SDG’s mean to us.

Left recognized as a “Best For The World” B Corp for creating the most positive impact for their workforce

LEFT, a Certified B Corporation, has been named a Best For The World honoree in recognition of their relationship with their workforce and the significant positive impact they’ve created over the last year.

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