Lesson 2 - Sequencing - Programming with Angry Birds

This week we learn about sequencing and debugging! We’ll learn why it’s important that you put your code in the right order, and what is meant by ‘bugs’ and finding bugs in your code! (Don’t worry, it’s not messy!) Lots of fun exercises to try out this week:

  1. Programming with Angry Birds: http://studio.code.org/s/express-2019/stage/2/puzzle/1
  2. Debugging with Scrat: http://studio.code.org/s/express-2019/stage/3/puzzle/1
  3. Collecting Treasure with Laurel: http://studio.code.org/s/express-2019/stage/4/puzzle/1
  4. (BONUS!) Creating Art with Code: http://studio.code.org/s/express-2019/stage/5/puzzle/1
  5. And here’s the CS Express home page where all the lessons are given: https://studio.code.org/s/express-2019 Have fun coding this week!
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