Left Does Right for the Community

It feels good to give back – and the benefits of giving our time, effort, and resources to our Communities come back to us both personally and professionally, tenfold! That’s why we set an example of philanthropy as an organization, and we make it easy for Lefties to give back with unlimited, paid time off to volunteer and select matched financial contributions.


volunteer hours in 2019


group volunteer initiatives/year


Unlimited time off for volunteering

Who is YOUR Community?  We empower Lefties to self-define their Communities, and then we encourage them to volunteer, support, and give back by providing unlimited paid time off. For some, that means helping at your child’s school. For others, that means contributing knowledge at industry conferences, leading a choir at Church, caring for abandoned animals at an animal shelter, or serving food at a homeless shelter. The sense of pride and achievement our Lefties feel when they make a difference in others’ lives ends up making a difference in their own lives and the lives of their families, too.

Not that our Lefties need encouragement to get out there and make a mark, but just to inspire them a little bit more, our ‘Community Impact Champion’ program provides a monthly opportunity for Lefty volunteers to win a restaurant gift card and a donation to their charity of choice.

Quarterly group volunteering

Driven by Lefties themselves, each quarter we volunteer as a team – and we have so much fun!  We have cooked numerous meals for Ronald McDonald House, collected for and delivered Christmas hampers, participated in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, and so much more.  The feelings of humility, teamwork, and purpose elicited from volunteering together carries over into our work and our lives for days, weeks, and months!

Financial Giving

We believe in sharing what we have. That’s why we make donations to support organizations and causes that align with our core values. In many cases, we also match Lefties’ personal charitable donations in order to support and inspire personal philanthropy as well. Of note, each year, we match Lefties’ donations to our Christmas Hamper, we donate monthly to our Community Impact Champion’s charity of choice, and we have helped numerous small businesses, communities, and people in need around the world by donating to Kiva.