Left Does Right for Business

Left passionately believes business is about more than just the bottom line. So passionately, in fact, that we formally evaluate, measure, improve, and champion doing business for good. We purposefully take into account much more than just profit: we consider people and planet in our business decisions and goals, we make a point to give back where we gain, and we share our passion to inspire other businesses to do the same.


Current B Corporation Score


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B Corporation Certification

We do more than just talk about doing business for good. As a certified B Corporation, we measure how we do it against a set of stringent global guidelines, making critical changes to ensure we are held accountable – even as far as changing our articles of incorporation to include benefits to all stakeholders – and reporting on our results. Becoming B Corp certified, and staying certified, isn’t easy, but we consider it non-negotiable.  We know, from our own experience, that if we take care of people and the planet, profit will follow.

We are extremely proud to have an above-average B Corporation scorecard, showing that we definitely walk the talk. Check out our score here.

B Corporation Champions

It is our goal to model growth without compromise. We know if we can do it, other businesses can, too. So, we go out of our way to inspire others through various means: we stay actively involved in the B Corp Community, we search out ways to share our experience through speaking opportunities, and we offer our expertise one on one to other businesses to help them tackle the certification process.

Take the B Corp online assessment to find out how your business is doing with its social and environmental impact – and then reach out if we can help you!

Sustainable Commerce

Sustainable Commerce, simply put, means creating value by doing what is ‘right’. It means adopting a model of giving when or where you gain. For example, our local community provides us with employees who dedicate their time and energy to our business goals, so we give back to our community through various means including volunteering. Sustainable commerce balances growth with the social good one can do in the world: be it environmental, political, or civic duty.