Community with a Capital C

Imagine if what we built made a difference to our families, our Community, and the world at large. Community is important to us. It is where we live, work, play and raise our families -- and it is why one of our 10 core values is to ‘Make a Difference in Your Community’.

You’ll notice that we always capitalize Community, and good ol’ grammar (or John) would tell us you capitalize the important things. Fitting, because our award-winning Community Engagement Program is one that has created an identity for the company and the amazing people who are involved. We take pride in our charitable outcomes and are always looking for bigger and better ways to be a Community endorser! As a Community endorser, our company does everything we can to support and be part of our local Community. First and foremost: buy local beer! For all other things — this could be our Maple Ridge community, our BC Tech community, our Bangladesh community and so on — if there is ever an option, choose local or under-represented groups for suppliers first. We’ve been fortunate to have people support us as a small, growing company and we want to reciprocate.

Our Lefties, have volunteered at Ronald McDonald House, donated blood, and supported several local families through Christmas hampers, along with countless other charitable initiatives. Our award-winning Community/Team Engagement Program was recognized as ‘Best in BC’ by the BCTIA at the 2015 Technology Impact Awards. We are so proud of the impact our team has had in their community and are always looking for new volunteer initiatives to contribute to.

As a Lefty, you have unlimited individual Community Hours; therefore, you can take the day or a couple of hours (someone once took a week) to go out and help in your Community.

We're always looking for smart people looking to make a difference in their community.