Our Community.

Imagine if what we built made a difference to our families, our Community, and the world at large. Community is important to us. It is where we live, work, play and raise our families -- and it is why one of our 10 core values is to ‘Make a Difference in Your Community’.

We chose to relocate our offices to Maple Ridge to eliminate the lengthy commute downtown so we could be closer to our families and provide all of our employees with an opportunity to better achieve a “work-life balance” that is often hard to come by. We have built our business in the heart of the community that we live in.
Each Lefty is given unlimited Community Days which can be used to take time off to volunteer and give back to their community. These volunteer initiatives look different for every Lefty and are a great way for the members of our team to make a contribution to the causes that are most important to them. The only thing we ask in return is that they take a photo to share with the team, the equivalent of, “It needs to be Facebook Official.”

Our Lefties, have volunteered at Ronald McDonald House, donated blood, and supported several local families through Christmas hampers, along with countless other charitable initiatives. Our award-winning Community/Team Engagement Program was recognized as ‘Best in BC’ by the BCTIA at the 2015 Technology Impact Awards. We are so proud of the impact our team has had in their community and are always looking for new volunteer initiatives to contribute to.