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“Imagine if we could leverage technology, marketing, and automation to build a business of real and lasting value. Imagine if what we built made a difference to our families, our Community, and the world at large. Imagine if we could connect the unconnected.”

The Left Story

Two guys, a set of core values, and a determination to make a positive and lasting mark on the world.  This was the beginning of Left in 2010.

Co-founders Chris Jensen and John Lyotier set out on a mission to find and solve some of the world’s biggest problems by building scalable businesses and nurturing top talent to help them.

The journey has led Left to be recognized as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Canada and North America in 2018 – and one of the few on those lists that is a certified B-Corporation, balancing purpose and profit.

With a 97% voluntary retention rate, bright and passionate people from around the world join Left and find more than a company – they find a “family”.  That’s why we are now recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers.

Sure, there have been bumps and failures along the way,  but by keeping one eye on the metrics and the other on the little things – those small, repeatable tasks that increment improvement every step of the way – we are achieving our mission and solving some of the world’s biggest problems, the most critical one being connectivity.

“We are Left, and we say that we like to do things right. What this means is that we are using technology and innovation to solve some of the world’s biggest problems — the biggest of which, we believe, is connectivity in emerging markets. If we improve connectivity we can reduce poverty, improve health outcomes, spread education, and lift up entire economies.”

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Anchored by our 10 core values, the Lefty culture is embedded into the core of everything we do. Winning awards for our culture has allowed us to create an environment that is both functional and culture driven.

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The very essence of Left is reflected in our 10 Core Values which were created right from the beginning and have become the foundation for the amazing culture and talented team of Lefties from around the world we have built today.

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Imagine if what we built made a difference to our families, our Community, and the world at large. Our community is where we live, work, play and raise our families — and it is one of our core values ‘Make a Difference in Your Community’.

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Our Lefties

Our Lefties are at the core of what we do. They are what matters. They are the innovators, the dreamers, the planners, the leaders, and the revolutionaries. Nothing would be possible without their bright minds.

With headquarters in Maple Ridge, Canada, two offices in Bangladesh, and people in Singapore, the United States, Switzerland, India and Kenya, we work closely together to achieve our goals. We are a team that treats each other like family – no matter where we are in the world. Yes, as a team we have to make decisions that aren’t easy sometimes, but as a family we get through those tough times together and thrive!

We're a B Corp

We always say, “We’re Left. We do things right!”, and in fact we’ve got a stamp to prove it! Being a Certified B Corporation is a tough milestone to achieve, and we proudly earned it. That being said, it is a commitment to abide by a high standard and seek constant improvement in everything we do.

There are 5 areas within the B Impact Assessment. Here is our company score and how we compared to other companies who have completed the B Impact Assessment.

Our goal as a B Corp is to spread inspiration and encourage other companies to make a positive impact on the world with their business. We want to shout our excitement from the rooftops so our customers, employees, and fellow companies know the importance of our values and our community efforts. So let’s all do our part in always seeking to improve, because really our score is just a reflection of how awesome we are!