About Left.

Hello. We are Left, and we say that we like to do things right. What this means is that we are using technology and innovation to solve some of the world’s biggest problems -- the biggest of which, we believe, is connectivity in emerging markets. If we improve connectivity we can reduce poverty, improve health outcomes, spread education, and lift up entire economies. Our focus is on bringing connectivity to the next 4 billion users and the 20 billion IoT sensors that are about to come online. And while it is a huge opportunity (and challenge), it is also the right thing to do.

To address this opportunity, we are working on the RightMesh project to develop decentralized mobile mesh technology that can run on any Android smart phone or any Java-enabled device (from PCs to sensors) … iPhones, maybe one day. In fact, our Mesh SDK allows any app to become mesh enabled with just a few lines of code.

“Imagine if…” It was those two words that launched the Left story in 2010. Imagine if we could build a company built on innovation and ideas, where thinking differently was cherished rather than chastised. Imagine if we could leverage technology, marketing, and automation to build businesses of real and lasting value. Imagine if what we built made a difference to our families, our Community, and the world at large.

Left was initially set up by Chris Jensen and John Lyotier who had a belief that a company built on a set of Core Values and an anything-is-possible attitude could win, scale, and change the world. Yes, there would be bumps and bruises and failures along the way, but if you kept one eye focused on the metrics and the other on the little things – those small, repeatable tasks that increment improvement every step of the way – the final output would be something of which we could be proud. And that really is our big dream: to be proud of the mark we’ve made.

With its headquarters in the Vancouver-based suburb of Maple Ridge, Left is now a multinational media and technology company with holdings in mobile and Internet-based businesses.

“We believe that a company can make great,
profitable businesses without sacrificing the joy in life.”

It is time to change the paradigm from “Always Connected to the Internet” and let everyone simply be “Always Connected” – to people, to devices, to our communities, to what matters in our world. The RightMesh project by RightMesh AG connects smartphones even when the internet and mobile data can’t. Left is proud to work on this project.

Left Travel, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Left, maintains a portfolio of best-in-class travel and vacation rental brands powered by proprietary marketing and big data technology that connects travelers with our fulfillment partners. A few of the brands in the Left Travel portfolio include: RentByOwner.com, RentalHomes.com, BedroomVillas.com, SellOffRentals.com, and many more.