Month: June 2017


ZakariaEmployee I'm making my mark by...I am doing Nothing  for changing world just I am trying to improve my self only.Here when i change my self then automatically…


Rahul Deb Sarder

Rahul Deb SarderEmployee I'm making my mark by...I think, it is not important to change the world. I want to change myself (improving skills and qualification, learning and learning new technology,…

Rezaul Karim

Rezaul KarimEmployee I'm making my mark by...Learning new thing is my hobby. So, i wanna do something new that will helpful to all of us. Words Of Wisdom

Shakila Dipa

Shakila DipaEmployee I'm making my mark by...I am making my mark by thinking that, It’s not about making the right choice. It’s about making a choice and…

SK Armin

Sk Arman

Sk ArmanEmployee I'm making my mark by...Every time I set myself to do the most priority task among all schedule tasks and it helps me to concentrate properly with a mental satisfaction.Try to be…

Sabuj Kumar Das

Sabuj Kumar DasEmployee I'm making my mark by...Before of all I want to be a good man. I want to learn the difference between what is right and what is wrong in my…

Sabbir Ahmed

Sabbir AhmedEmployee I'm making my mark by...Well, there are trends where people want to get connected, but also putting lots of energy to use, lots of costs to make…

Imran Hossain

Imran HossainEmployee I'm making my mark by...Doing something different. I still not sure how it will work but i am working on it. Words Of Wisdom

Shaikh Enamur Reza

Shaikh Enamur RezaEmployee I'm making my mark by...Keeping people focused to a certain goal in order to achieve something innovative that carries values and have…


Ahmed Faisal

Ahmed FaisalEmployee I'm making my mark by...Right now doing nothing but soon I will teach people about web development. Words Of WisdomBe Strong.